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It’s our business, to GROW your business!

We are a digital agency based in Cape Town whose main focus is assisting SMEs, entrepreneurs and new businesses with getting more customers.

We are web design specialists in Cape Town, offering a host of digital marketing services to grow your business.

We make use of technology and data to help our clients expand and grow their business reach with online marketing and systems that give them more time to focus on what they are good at. We use tools such as Google ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Email marketing and CRM systems to help our clients engage better with their customers.

Choosing the Best Website Design Services in Cape Town

Selecting Web Design Services in Cape Town for your business may be a challenging and arduous mission. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the multitude of online Digital Agencies. Making the wrong choice can cost one valuable time, money, and resources and misrepresent one’s business.

We have drawn up some important pointers that should be considered before making that critical decision.

  • Remember that your online presence in the form of a website represents who you are as a business and what you offer. You only have one shot at gaining people’s attention before they scroll on and leave you behind. Thus, you need to pack a punch and capture the attention of potential clients who needs your services.
  • Because there is no shortage of Design Agencies in Cape Town, South Africa, it is prudent to stand out in a way that hooks your potential client within seconds. This is not meant in a disingenuous way.
  • Representing what your Design Agency can offer honestly and transparently is integral to the value of your business.
  • One may gain a client online but only be assured of maintaining his valued loyalty by delivering your promise and accurate insight into his business.
  • From the client’s perspective, not having an online digital presence is a massive disadvantage. Being absent from the most crucial marketing arena is archaic and does not keep up with current marketing trends. The way you as the Agency market yourself is the best indication to the client of what he can expect.
  • Your site is your space to share knowledge and awareness of your brand.


Identifying Your Needs

  • Defining your requirements is essential in selecting a Web Design Agency and any venture you undertake. Identifying your needs is the road map that provides insight and direction regarding your progress and strategy.
  • Begin by noting precisely what the website should do once complete. What is the message you wish to convey, and how do you plan to achieve it? The most important question asked by Deep Thought Media is: “ What is your goal?”
  • Your business is your brand and vice versa. The awareness of your brand is the primary goal that you wish to achieve.
  • So much of what we as people perceive is subliminal. Thus, it is essential to market your business in an easily identifiable way that people will instantly recognise. Therefore, one needs to choose a Website Design Agency that is experienced and proficient and one that creatively understands your brand. Partnering with a Design Agency that lacks creativity, experience, and understanding is futile and a disservice to your business.


Why choose Deep Thought Media as your web design partner

  • At Deep Thought Media, our staff are skilled and experienced on a superior level, which gives us the confidence to suggest that you shop around and see what other Digital Agencies in Cape Town offer in creative website design and digital marketing.
  • We know that you will come back to us with the assurance of partnering with you to convey the digital marketing that you require. While there are multiple Digital Agencies in Cape Town that may offer you website design, Deep Thought Media has the edge. We make it our business to acquaint ourselves with yours intensively.
  • We feel, taste, and touch your brand on every sensory level to acquire deep insight into working with you. We understand the magnitude of digital marketing and the message you need to convey in a creative, user-friendly, and smooth reading experience. The impact of your message depends on us assisting you in building an intense brand.
  • We listen to the needs of our clients and the ideas that are important to them. Building a website for a client is equivalent to the client building his brand. Without our design specialists’ creative passion and experience, the partnership is obsolete, and the message and marketing are lost in translation.
  • Remember that your digital presence is a mere pinhead in cyberspace. Your website will not be found unless it jumps out and screams, “Here I am.” For this, one needs an exceptionally well-designed site that is innovative over and above others in its category.
  • It also requires skilled technology that will be detected first by a search engine.
  • The user experience must be enjoyable, impressive, and easy to navigate and understand.
  • The user doing the online search needs to find you first, and we know how to do that.
  • Design development can easily be lost if not created by the most professional and knowledgeable Digital Agency. While Design Companies and Marketing Agencies are a dime a dozen in Cape Town, one needs to be armed with knowing what to look for, what questions to ask as well as examples of work that they have done.
  • We don’t knock the start-ups as we understand that everyone needs to start somewhere. However, in your interest as the client, you need to be mindful of who you choose and not be drawn by the advertising of special prices only. We all know that we get what we pay for, and your business depends on being professionally conveyed. It is as essential as the service that you offer your clients.


Understand what is required from the Digital Agency that you choose.

  • Now that you are briefed on your website’s purpose, you should understand what you will need from your web partner.
  • For example, if you are running an accounting firm, you will want to hire a web designer who can build a professional website for you and know the audience and cadre to whom it is geared.
  • The agency should also be able to offer a negotiated amount of monthly website maintenance and support. You will want to keep your website up and running 24/7. Furthermore, you must have the service of a Digital Agency to update information on your website anytime.
  • A professional digital agency will know how to meet the needs of your specific business’ marketing requirements. They will see whether you need an online store or apps. They will also know how to link your website to social media platforms.
  • As an example, if you are an e-commerce store, your needs could be completely different from that of an accounting firm. In such a case, you may require a web partner who can integrate a payment platform, delivery system, and social media accounts.
  • There is no generic template as it will depend on the industry that your business falls under.
  • Over and above, you will need a web partner who can provide a retainer to update products.
  • The marketing agency you choose will be required to do digital marketing and provide advertising platforms so they can run marketing and advertising campaigns for you and report on the effectiveness of these campaigns.


Familiarise Yourself with the Experience of the Agency you are Considering.

  • It is advisable to ask the Agency for a list of current clients so that you can peruse their websites and speak to them about the experience they have had with the agency that you are considering enlisting.
  • Remember that you are putting your business into the hands of someone who needs to draw as much traction as possible, as this is what the growth and existence of your business depend upon. The web developer and his role in your business are invaluable. For this reason, you need to be discerning about the agency you choose. This will require research and investigation.
  • Always remember that quality and experience will cost you money. Make sure you do your research on choosing the best web design partner. This is an investment in your business and its success.

Understand the Financial Costs of a Reputable Agency

  • It is essential that you have clarity on costs and services offered by the agency before you engage in a contract. Prices vary between web design agencies.
  • If you opt for monthly support, you will be charged monthly too.
  • Ensure you have a detailed discussion with your website partner and understand how and what cost-effective services they can provide for the growth and development of your website.


In Conclusion

Without knowing the above guidelines, you are devoid of knowing what to inquire about.

Once you have done extensive research, examine your options. Consider each proposal you received and select the one that fits your goals, plans, and budget while weighing up which agency can offer you the best quality service. You will only have clarity of judgment if you arm yourself with the necessary knowledge to base your decision.

Getting your new website operational can be an exciting step in your business but be sure you select the correct web partner. A creative web partner will help you create a professional and aesthetic website design that effectively highlights your brand and services. The key to a successful marketing strategy is in the data!

Choosing Deep Thought Media will tick all the boxes and provide you with a supreme online presence. It’s our business to grow your business!

Digital Marketing & Website Design Services in  Cape Town

Website Design

From basic web design to advanced e-commerce websites / online stores.

Social Media

We offer full time Social Media Management as well as intergrated ad campaigns

Digital Strategy

We are able to work with your own marketing team to enhance your digital strategy


Search Engine Optimization with the goal of ranking on the first page of Google

Google Ads

Pay per click Ad campaigns using Search keywords, Display and Remarketing ads.


Stand a head above the rest with professional video content to boost your brand.

Audience Analytics

Use analytics data to see where your traffic is coming from and optimize.

Email Marketing

Send engaging emails to subscribed customers to build loyalty

The most important question – “What is the goal?”

When it comes to planning your marketing strategy it is important, from the very beginning, to lay out a clear goal, or goals. What do you want to achieve? What do you want the end result to be? How do you want people to think, feel, or react when they see your marketing? Based on your goals we work with you to achieve success through targeted marketing campaigns, rich media ads with relevant content that speak directly to your desired audience. The key to a successful marketing strategy is in the data!

Adopt a “people first” strategy

It is common knowledge today that Mobile is leading the way as the most effective platform for digital marketing. We take it one step further and adopt a “people first” strategy based on your goals as well as your customers interests and behaviours.

Our web developers are experts in the below web platforms, CRM’s, plugins and visual builders.


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