Email Marketing

Generate leads and increase sales with bespoke email campaigns

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most underestimated forms of marketing by most business. In 2017, global e-mail users amounted to 3.7 billion users. This figure is set to grow to 4.1 billion users in 2021.

A staggering 51% of marketers consider email list segmentation to be the most effective personalisation tactic for effective email marketing. So make sure you keep track of your email lists so that we can tailor the right message to the right audience!

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“Say Goodbye to Cold Calling”


Customised B2B Email Database Campaign

Created from scratch and customised to your meet your businesses target audience and objectives, these campaigns are the perfect B2B lead generation tool. Say goodbye to Cold Calling and hours wasted on phone calls!

If you have ever wanted to “cold call” 350+ relevant businesses but don’t have the time or resources, this is the perfect solution. With the stress of running a business, cold calling is the last thing you want to do and not everyone (including staff) understands your business the way you do.

With our custom database and mailer campaign you can get on with day to day running of your business while we generate leads specifically tailored to your demographic, location, designation and industry, using our state of the art Lead Generation tools and technology

Our clients have enormous success being able to send a personalised email directly to the right person at the right company, as if they are sending the email themselves. Once we have generated the database for you and sent the email campaign, you own the database.

All we need form you:

1) The industry you want to target
2) The designation of the person in that business you want to target (eg owner, ops manager, office manager etc)
3) We are even able to include companies who have grown in size (or decreased in size) that may require your services

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Custom Database Creation

We create tailored B2B (business to business) databases form scratch which are inline with our clients sales and marketing objectives. Profiling only includes the most relevant persons and uses up to 9 demographics including: Region, job title and function, company name / industry, company size, seniority level, etc

Email content consultation

We work closely with our clients regarding content creation and assist by supplying a copywriter to the vet the content before it is sent out. From a technical aspect we assist you with: Length of mail, mail examples of relative industry, follow and strategy as well as use of digital assets

Mail sending platform

We utilise the absolute latest technology in emailing platforms and can send up to 2000 mails daily. Our platform integrates directly into your company server and sends mails directly from your desired email address. The goal is to deliver a completely personalised email to your database as if it was sent by you personally. The campaign also includes full analtyics and data for each mailer campaign which tracks the performance and success of the campaign

Pro Tip:

Make sure your website design has a great user experience, fast speeds and allows your visitors to find what they need fast!

When you send traffic to your website from any platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or more, your visitors don't want to wait long for the pages to load. Make sure website designer has built a fast loading website that is easy to navigate.