Trends To Follow On Digital Marketing In South Africa.

If you’re a digital marketer located in South Africa, here are a few trends to follow in 2022. Don’t get left behind!

Digital Marketing Agencies has replaced all the old costly and outdated traditional marketing strategies such as billboards, TV and radio ads, newspaper ads, brochures, the big old yellow pages directory, cold calling and lots more.

The basic fundamentals of digital marketing is still the best way to grow any business. These include having a website, running Google and Facebook ads, investing in SEO to gain organic reach, email marketing to reach out directly and sales funnels. Let’s face it, without these, your business might as well not exist.

Worldwide digital strategist has invest a lot of time and money in creating new strategies to generate sales and leads. Converting them is still entirely up to you, how strong you can close and how appealing your offer is.

Anyway, that’s a topic for another day.. or blog.

Let’s take a look at some digital marketing trends that’s taking the industry by storm and helping marketers reach their goals. These strategies help marketers strengthen customer experience and build brand loyalty by building strong customer or client relationships.

I can tell you what it is two words…

Personalisation Strategies.

Yip, that’s right. When marketers unite personalisation with new digital marketing strategies, they can reach their goals much quicker and connect with their target audience.

‘Eco’ Marketing

Global warming is a big concern and most customers are switching over to green products that are environment friendly. According to research and testimonials, shoppers are more likely to buy sustainable products.

Informal Marketing

Consumers want a response, and they want it as in yesterday. On their favourite platforms, on their time, and in their tone of voice. Informal marketing is outreach via chats, phone texts, emails and video tutorials while simplifying their experience.

Video Content Marketing

More than 80% of customers buy products and services online after watching videos on social platforms such as TikTok, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. You will have to create video content that your target audience will engage with, videos that adds value that will drive high traffic and engagement. A good example of great video content are video blogs and Facebook short stories shot from your phone camera.

Targeted Based Campaigns

Your marketing campaigns should reflect on:

Knowing how to optimize for race and market to a certain race and their interests and culture. Age is also very important, different age groups has different content that they watch and engage with. Optimize your marketing campaigns for gender. For example, females would engage more with hair and beauty than males would, and vice versa with automotive campaigns. Get what I mean? And the list goes on, this include language, health, body types, disabilities etc.

Buyable Content

E-commerce has changed the way consumers shop. If you’re marketing online, make the buying process as easy for the shopper as possible. Make sure your customers can make purchases easily and directly through social posts. Forget the long funnel (only if your marketing process before the post is very strong and engaging!)

Conclusion: Consumers will engage with your brand if they see you’re genuine and when they see themselves reflected in your product or service. How is this done? Personalisation Strategies in your Marketing!