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Facebook Statistics South Africa

Should your business be using Facebook to reach customers? The Facebook Statistics South Africa speak for themselves.

The answer is YES!!!!!

Facebook remains the most commonly used social media platform in South Africa, with approximately 13 million South African users, or round about 1/4 of our entire population.

“92% of South Africans are on Facebook during Prime Time TV from 5 to 9pm

That’s an 8% increase from 12 million users last year, and 77% of all local Facebook users are accessing the social network through mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets.

“Facebook Statistics South Africa”

Utilize Facebook to create engaging content for your audience. Keep track of the days and times that you post, make note of how and when your customers choose to engage with you. Use the data to create strategies to optimize you content and even change the way you do business to better serve your customers.

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